If you could see what I see when I look at you
You would never question that Thyroid Disease is a Gift

When you feel fatigues to your very bones, I only see your strength to carry on
Where you feel overwhelmed to the core of your soul, I only see conviction that you can work it out
Where you feel shame for how you look, I only see the beauty of your determined heart
Where you feel you have nothing to offer the world, I only see what the world is waiting for
You simply need a guiding hand to make your way out of the overwhelm, shame, and fatigue
A guiding hand to help you see your magic, your truth, and your worth in the world
Because YOU my gorgeous... are a GODDESS!

What is waiting for you inside Thyroid Design School?

Thyroid Body

Let's talk about all the physical aspects, the good, the bad & the downright frustrating. We will learn about the Thyroid Pathway, our diet, our blood tests, and all that goes with it. Let's learn what we can fix and how to fix it in a way that is unique to ourselves.

Thyroid Feelings

Let's not pretend our feelings don't exist. Let's not ignore our traumas and the stress that landed us here in this foreign thyroid world, but instead, let's gently unfold them and find out how they are holding us back, & why we carry them before letting them go.

Thyroid Possibilities

There is a saying that I heard "We learn what we need to teach, and we teach what we need to learn"... Have you ever wondered what your purpose on this planet was? Maybe it is the very battle you are waging now that you are meant to share with the world.

Inside Thyroid Design School you will learn...

Why your Doctor says you are fine when you feel Awful
How to use your Health practitioner as a tool in your toolbox instead of a god
Which parts of your Thyroid Pathway are not working optimally and how to fix them
How to find your own unique way of eating for feeling amazing
Tips and tricks for lowering inflammation and making aches and pains a thing of the past
Why healing your traumas and stress is as much a part of thyroid healing as diet and lifestyle
Possible reasons as to why you cannot lose weight even though you eat healthy & exercise
Finding your HAPPY even though life is hard right now
Learning your Human Design and how it is relevant to you navigating your Thyroid Life
Your unique Thyroid Gift to this world

As I learn and grow... so do YOU! That is my promise to you, my love... I know that you don't have time to watch endless webinars, read every health book, & listen to ALL the podcasts, so let me do that for you through the lens of both my 30 years of experiencing Thyroid Disease and as a Naturopath. I will condense whatever I learn into workshops and Pop-Up Quests within Thyroid Design School.

Join Thyroid Design School

Just some of what awaits you inside Thyroid Design School...

I am anticipating your arrival... I'm so excited!

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