15 Gift Ideas for a Thyroid Person

We all need gift ideas these days because we live in the age of instant gratification.

Things that used to be big-ticket items that our grandparents would have saved really hard to get, can be popped on the interest-free card or are so cheap now that it is not hard to get.

If you have a thyroid sufferer in your life (or you have a loved one that needs help buying for you) here is a list of things I would love to receive, and why.

Dear Loved One.....
these are My Favourite Gift Ideas

Thyroid Life Academy

Please buy me a membership to Kylie’s Thyroid Life Academy! It will help me understand food and emotions and how to cope with crappy times. This will be the virtual home I can escape to when I’m feeling low because my friends there will understand what I’m going through! This will take the pressure off you to make me feel better.

Massage Voucher

If you want to go the whole healing hog then get me a massage voucher for a set of Lymphatic Drainage massages. This will help me get rid of toxins, help my thyroid be more effective, and make me feel better!


Any juicer if I don’t have one, if I do have one, get me a slow pressed juicer. Then get a box of organic veggies for me and help me press the juice! This will give me energy and make me feel great! If you have one with me you will make me feel like we are in this together!

Christmas Lunch

Perfect gift ideas do not need to be wrapped in pretty paper! Take me and the family out for Christmas Lunch somewhere lovely so that I don’t have to wait on everyone else and someone can wait on me. I can then sit back and watch the joy on my family's faces instead of being worried about getting the food on the table.

Hair Voucher

Find me an Organic Hair Salon so that I can have my hair cut, colored, and blow-dried without any nasty chemicals that attack my thyroid. I will then feel fresh and ready for facing all the social events without compromising my health.

Glucose Metre

I may not have diabetes, but Thyroid people struggle with sugar levels, and a glucose meter will help me to learn what foods are spiking my levels and what foods I can enjoy without worrying. Don’t forget to get me lots of spiky things and tabs to go with it. If my blood sugars are stable, I can lose weight easier and my moods will be more stable.


Plant me a garden full of Lavender that I can go and stick my face in when I’m struggling with life in general. Make sure you leave room for me to sit amongst them, and plant enough for me to pick sprigs every day to carry in my pocket. This way when my nerves start to fray I can reach into my pocket and breathe in the lovely oils and remember that you planted this for me.


A yearly subscription to Gaia will give me lots of inspiration and ideas to continue my health journey. It will teach me how to cook healthy meals, perform yoga poses, and understand more about my thyroid and how I got here. If you watch one of the movies with me while holding my hand and nodding supportively, it makes your gift even more valuable.


Give me the gift this year of just listening to me once a week. Don’t judge, don’t offer help, don’t find solutions for me. Just let me say it out loud to lessen the stress and share the burden. When I am finished ask me “Is there anything I can do”, and then I will say “No. Thanks for listening”. The Thyroid is about speaking my truth. It is in my throat Chakra which is about communication. This valuable gift will help me heal my Thyroid.

Salon Voucher

Find an Organic Beauty Salon and purchase a body treatment, or facial or manicure and pedicure. Often I don’t justify spending money on such things, but my skin and mindset will love you for it and my Thyroid will be grateful it is not under siege from toxins.


The gift of education would be invaluable because nobody is as interested in my health as I am. Get me an Amazon voucher or a bookstore voucher or buy me a brilliant Thyroid Book. If I don’t like reading, buy me an audiobook and add it to my iPod.


Two decent sized drinking thermos with cold and hot capacity will allow me to take green juice with me when I leave the house. If I am doing a lot of running around it will let me fill up one with a juice and the other with a herb tea or warm lemon water to keep me hydrated and full of energy.


A lovely set of matching Mason Jars in 1 cup capacity are great gift ideas. It will help me be organized so that I can make lots of Thyroid Jar Food and always have something nutritious in the fridge to reach for if you decide you want something that is less than ideal for my thyroid.

Dinner & Show

Take me to a comedy and let me laugh out loud till tears are streaming down my face. This will increase my happy genes and make me feel great. Make sure they are tickets to someone I like, though! Before we go, find a restaurant with lovely clean food choices where I know I can eat grain-free or gluten-free and dairy-free without having to ask too many questions of the waiter cause that just makes me feel like a pain in the a**.

Mini Trampoline

Also called a rebounder or when they first appeared many moons ago a Lymphasiser! One of these little beauties will help me clear toxins from my Lymphatic System which will help my Thyroid function better. It will also help with my fluid retention and weight. If I can put it in the lounge room in front of the TV, I can slowly bounce on it while we watch our programs together.


……so those are my gift ideas!

If nobody is willing to buy them for you, then maybe it’s time to love yourself enough to buy yourself a gift that will improve your health and make you feel better each and every day.


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