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My 2020 Thyroid Life Round Up!

Well Hi There!

Here we are in 2021 already and so much has happened in my world, no doubt in your world and the ENTIRE world hasn't it?

Where to start?! How about a 2020 Round-Up?

January - I partnered with Plexus as I LOVE their products and they are detoxing me like nothing I have tried before has done! I'm crushing hard on their Collagen!

February - I turned 49! And went through Cyclone Damien that hit Karratha head-on! Scariest one I have ever been through but we escaped with not much damage

March - Because we don't watch the news, we actually went to Thailand and arrived back in Perth on the day they called Quarantine! But I have to say, it was the BEST trip, no tourists (cause they were all home by now lol) and everything was clean and we felt really safe.

April - Since the whole world shut down we started to explore our new backyard. And there are some pretty awesome spots up here I have to say!

May - More exploring and a night adventure let us see a turtle, sea urchins, squid, and the most amazing colored fish I have ever seen (and I have lived on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef)

June - After a trip down to Perth for a fantastic Plexus Convention, I had MRI's done on my knees only to discover that they were both in desperate need of replacement!!! Is it any wonder walking was painful!

July - While I was away in June, hubby had been researching how we would move to Thailand. So the plan was put in place and everything else has revolved around it ever since.

August - I seriously started to amp up my business plan and finally decided what I wanted Thyroid School to be. And that is to encourage women like me to have the life of their dreams regardless of their thyroid disease.

September - Regions were open finally so we visited Broome for the first time, so beautiful! We then went down to Perth and celebrated our son's 20th Birthday. Finally started to feel like we were out of the "situation" again in Western Australia!

October - More adventures around our neighborhood. Although we are yet to catch anything it's so fun to go to these places that are less than an hour from our home but feels like another world.

November - The ramping up to my double knee replacement was in full force! The anti-inflammatory diet was a must and I had stopped all alcohol and supplements 2 weeks prior to the surgery... I was still in denial at this point about how hard it would be!

December - And then it happened! The surgery went according to plan, but they struggled to get my pain meds at the correct dosage afterward, so it was about 4 days before they could get me out of bed. Normally they have you up the first day... you can read more about my experience in that blog post!



I hope your 2020 wasn't marked with tragedy, and that 2021 is looking good for you. My wish for you this year is that you find a way to live an amazingly adventurous life regardless of your Thyroid Disease! And I'm going to show you how to do it!

What adventure would you go on if you didn't have Thyroid Disease? I'd love to know!



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