5 Strategy's for Holiday Food

So you have been really great for months, eating what you know your body likes and can cope with and you feel really good. But here comes Christmas and the holiday food.

The Trifles and the Pavlovas and the Prawns (yes I’m an Aussie).

And the potatoes in whatever form they come but generally loaded with creamy, cheesy yumminess.

How do you turn those down??

It’s good to have a plan in place, so I am sharing 5 Strategies I use for Holiday Food.

1. Breakfast on the Holidays

Yep, I know you hear this all the time – Breakfast like a king blah blah blah!

The thing is if you have a good quality protein breakfast within an hour of waking (not an hour after you finally can’t justify lying in bed anymore) this immediately calms your adrenal glands which sets you up for thinking more clearly and feeling more stable right from the get-go.

This will help you make better choices at your next meal, and all going well, will have a domino effect on the rest of the day.

It doesn’t have to be a massive meal though. Try some of the following which takes me about 10 - 15 mins each.

  • Gluten-Free Oats with grated apple, Hemp Seeds & Raw Honey

  • Stewed Pears with puffed buckwheat and Raw Honey

  • Poached Egg on a Vegetable Hash


2. BYO Holiday Food without the Guilt

So your best friend is having 4 dinner parties over the holiday period, and she prides herself on cooking for her friends and family beautiful meals.

And they are delicious!

But all the things she cooks with, that makes the food so tasty, is what leaves you in a sobbing mess at the end of the night on the bathroom floor.

Your stomach hurts and you have indigestion and heartburn and your sympathetic nervous system has kicked in which makes you convinced you are having a heart attack…


The easiest way to address this is to firstly soothe your gorgeous friend's ego and remind her what an amazing cook she is, and then tell her how gutted you are that you are going to miss out on her fantastic food.

But then tell her if she doesn’t mind you are going to bring a plate along that has the food in it that is not making your body play up like an insolent child right now.

Ask what food she is serving so that yours can be a similar cuisine, and serve it on one of her matching plates.

Appeal to her extensive cooking knowledge by sharing which foods you are allowed to eat right now and does she have any ideas of what you can make with them because she is so great at that kind of thing.

Tell her you don’t really want anyone else at the gathering to know you are eating a different way and can it be your secret?

Honestly, we all like to help our friends.

So appeal to them, but make sure they know you feel like you are missing out on the other food they make because they only make it to show us their love.

3. Raw Desert is your BFF for Holiday Food

You don’t have to be a Raw Foodie to make use of this amazing cuisine when it comes to visiting and get-togethers at holiday times.

There are some truly incredible creations that look far better than some cooked deserts, and because they are so rich with coconut oil and nuts and so on, a little goes a long way.

Some of these showstoppers, people would not guess are raw either.

Just go ahead and google “Raw Desserts” for inspiration and demonstrations.

Most of the ingredients in these types of recipes are Thyroid friendly, and while they are still TREATS, you can at least join in on the festivities.

4. Talk to Your Family

A funny thing happens when you start eating better and avoiding junk food. Everyone around you suddenly thinks you are going to make them do it too.

Or they think you are going to start preaching to them over everything they put in their mouths because you are being so good.

You see our friends and family don’t actually care if you go on a health regime – all they care about is how will it affect them. (True story I promise) 

So call a family and friend meeting, say what you are doing, assure them that it won’t affect their food choices and what you cook them, unless they want it to, and promise them you won’t start preaching your new-found health and happiness.

But the trick is – you have to actually do it!! If they ask you a question about it, then you can do a little preaching, but otherwise, just quietly go about your own thing.

5. Make an Alcohol Imposter

That sounds a bit cryptic, doesn’t it? A lot of Thyroid people can’t deal with the effects of alcohol very well so don't drink anyway. But how do you say no at a party?

You look like a party pooper walking around with a bottle of water. So what can you do?

First, instead of taking a cute little bag or clutch to this event, you are going to take a trendy stylish larger bag big enough for a thermos!

Then you are going to decide on your drink of choice (alcoholic I mean) and make an imposter. So for

  • White wine – Camomile tea works well (chilled)

  • Red Wine – home pressed red grape juice

  • Midori and lemonade – sparkling mineral water with Kiwi fruit juice

You may have to get really inventive, but I’m sure you can come up with something that you will enjoy drinking for the night that won’t leave you feeling awful. Pop it in your thermos and then sneak away every now and then to top up your glass. 

Generally, at festive events nobody cares what’s in your glass – they only care you have a glass and it LOOKS merry!

So they are my tips and tricks for navigating holiday food.

Have you got some you would like to share with me?

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