Clearing Emotional Blocks

When it comes to emotional blocks that pop up in my life as they do for everyone there is usually one person I turn to. I have the pleasure and privilege to introduce you to someone who has been my mentor, life coach, devil’s advocate, the voice of reason, and inspiration for over 30 years now. I have turned to Gemma many many times in the last three decades, as I have moved through different phases of my life and been faced with challenges I did not know how to deal with gracefully.

Recently Gemma sent me a text inviting me to a 2-day workshop she was giving that weekend. I took it as a sign because I had been struggling with a few things now that I was graduating and so I thought Why not?? I showed up, not even knowing what the workshop was to be about…. call it blind faith.


I did not tell anyone what I was up to for about 2 months as I wanted to test out this new information without any bias. I can honestly say that what I learned is the reason you are reading this website right now.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I would have gotten there eventually! But it helped to calm and eliminate my fears around what I wanted to do and achieve, and now, even my biggest hairiest dreams are really just a matter of logistics in my mind. The doubt has gone and so are the blocks.

So I have interviewed Gemma with regard to Thyroid Disease as you should always have an anchor to anything new that you learn. It is my intent if you are a little stuck at the moment that maybe you will be inspired to be open to new and different approaches on your continued journey towards health.

Q. What is your modality?
A. My current modality is called Transformational Energetics. What that means is incorporating a number of healing modalities and condensing them into a practical technique. This technique is working on clearing your existing blockages and beliefs to create abundance in every area of your life, which is your divine right as a human being.

Q. As a practitioner, what does Thyroid Disease look like to you?
A. Because I do energetic work, thyroid disease is always in the throat chakra and what it is doing is stopping people from expressing their true expression. It is also very often about thought processes that have been impregnated into their subconscious mind that they have not released, hence we come back to the blockages and the belief systems.
Some people are not aware that these beliefs and blocks are so deep, and they hang onto them. I can give you multiple examples of people that have not yet awoken from traumas such as sexual abuse that they have blocked out and the post-traumatic stress attached to that experience has laid dormant.
In the meantime it effects, very often detrimentally, all aspects of their life on a physical level, on an emotional level, on a mental level, on a relationship level, a sexual level, and runs its fingers across every area of your life. That is why it is imperative that you do something about it – because you deserve to. You know it says something about your self-worth and self-belief when you allow yourself to release it.

Q. What does the Thyroid mean to you?
A. The thyroid is one of the seven endocrine glands but to me, it has to do with energy. Not just physical, emotional, and mental energy but the thyroid is about your opportunity as an individual to breathe in and exhale life.

Q. What are the most common manifestations you see in thyroid clients?
A. On a physical level, there is always the weight change. On an emotional level, it is like I see a crippled body on the inside because they are curled up. On a mental level, it is like the brain is diseased, not from a physiological point of view, but the emotions and the thought-forms have affected the thyroid.  So in turn it affects their posture, it affects their joy in life or they appear to have a lot of joy but it is the biggest cover up on the planet. Most people with thyroid problems I find easily become emotional or you will have the opposite where they will shut down like the tough executive bitch you know? Because they don’t want to go there. They know if they go there it will be like an egg bursting and everything will spill out and they are not prepared to do that. So healing needs to be slowly slowly, gently gently.

Q. What advice do you have from your modality for helping to heal thyroid disease?
A. The very best thing is to deal with the emotional blocks and belief systems that created it in the first place. This may be going into unknown territory for many people,  but it also brings in past lives and the memories we carry from them, and whether you want to believe in that or not, it can have a detrimental effect in this lifetime.
I also work a lot with sound here because of where the thyroid and parathyroid sit. Lots of times these people, as I have mentioned, lack honest self-expression which is stressful. When we are under stress we do upper respiratory breathing. I teach these clients how to deal with this through breath, meditation, and sounds. The basic vowel sound specific to the thyroid is the sound “eeeeeeeeeeee”.  Test it out and see how long you can hold the sound clearly. Visualize it hitting the wall opposite you. Sometimes people are shocked when they do this exercise at how little sound comes out. Doing this regularly people can be quite surprised at its effect because you cannot (it is impossible) expel air from your lungs and not take it back in. So you are actually expanding your lung capacity which means you are inhaling life.

Gemma does more than this technique, she also holds weekly meditation classes for those of you lucky enough to live in Perth, Western Australia, and does healing and counseling. You can find Gemma and read more about her amazing workshops and services at


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