Heavy Metal Toxicity

While this is not a thyroid story, its message is very relevant.

When our son was 9 years old, his teacher called me and said she would like to have him tested for Aspergers. What???? I really struggled to see where she was coming from, but agreed to, what would become, 9 months of testing. The end result was an appointment in front of a pediatrician who informed us that our son had ADD and it was now time for my precious boy to go on Ritalin.

My Son’s Story…

I had heard of these situations before, but I have to say, the stories of Doctors just handing this drug out at the drop of a hat was certainly not my experience. As I said, it was 9 months of school psychiatrists watching him in class and testing, etc. So I don’t think this drug was just handed to us. So what did we do?

I had not yet started studying naturopathy, but even so, I am not for or against allopathic medicine and I think both sides have a place in our world, but with the best of the knowledge I had at the time, I agreed. Having said this, I really did struggle to believe this diagnosis. I had been reading about it and doing my own research, and our boy did not have any of the syndromes that went along with this disorder. The only thing he had was a lack of concentration and was a little shy when it came to talking to people he didn’t know. Isn’t that a lot of 9-year-old boys??

The First Day of Medication…

So the first day of medication came and I still remember my fear of giving him this tablet. I got him up extra early and gave him the little white pill about 2 hours before he was due at school. My theory was, that if he didn’t need it, he would be pinging off the walls. Nothing happened – it was quite the anticlimax. So off he went to school.

He soon settled into his tablet taking routine which required him to take one at lunchtime also because it was not a slow-release tablet. His teacher reported an improvement in his schoolwork and we noticed at home he was less forgetful and we didn’t have to remind him 4 times as to what he was meant to be doing right now. After a few months, the Dr said it was time to put him on the slow release medication so that he would only need to take it once a day.  This did not work for him! Within 2 weeks his teacher was screaming “put him back on the other one”, so we did. Life went on and this became our new normal, and I have to admit it did help him to concentrate and think more clearly. However, he did not like taking it and told me he didn’t feel normal on it.

A new idea….Could it be heavy metal toxicity?

Then I began studying and was sitting in a lecture one day with an Orthomolecular Doctor who pretty much spelled out my medical history and Jakob’s as being a standard story he sees.

The question still lingered…did my boy really have ADD or was his little brain full of Copper and Aluminium?? I made an appointment to see the Dr who specializes in Autism and ADD and off we went. A Hair Mineral Analysis Test was performed which showed high levels of Copper and Aluminium and No Silica. Silica is the opposing force that kicks Aluminium out of the body, so without it, the heavy metal can set up home. And we are all mostly aware now of the effects of Aluminium on the brain and its links with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. So, we had a direction in which to go, and the Dr wrote out a program for my boy which we followed.

What was the result?

My son was off Ritalin within 4 months and has never gone back on it (he is now 20) and there is nothing wrong with his brain. He is a Duty Manager where he works, is responsible and living on his own after hubby and I moved up North.

Since this experience, I have spoken to many parents and told them my story. A few of them I have organized HMTA tests for and each and every time the results have come back with high Aluminium and high Copper amongst lowered levels of minerals. So I say to all of you out there, who (without rose-colored glasses please) just don’t believe that your child has ADD, perhaps a further investigation of your child’s heavy metal status might be worth pursuing? You have nothing to lose!

My son no longer continued to see any doctors after this, apart from our regular GP if the need arises and I kept an eye on his levels myself every year or so. I also made sure he took appropriate minerals for his status on a daily basis, and because of all this, he grew and matured into adulthood without any thought of ADD hanging over his head, which is a truly wonderful thing!


I am not saying this is the answer for everyone, but it was the answer for us, so maybe it might answer some questions for you? We went through this process under supervision and very cautiously so please don’t be hasty and see a qualified physician or naturopath in this area. Our children are precious and we need to give them the best possible opportunities in the safest way we can.

How is this relevant to thyroid disease?

This is a simple example of how heavy metals can parade as something more sinister. Mercury is well known to settle in the thyroid causing problems, so who knows how many of us out there actually have a high level of mercury as opposed to an actual thyroid condition.

Or how many of us with autoimmune disease, where the immune system is attacking the thyroid, is actually trying to save us by attacking the mercury that has settled in there?

I have a Hair Mineral Analysis myself every year as part of my self-care routine so that I can see if all of my minerals are at a good level and more importantly that I am not retaining toxic metals such as aluminum and mercury.

Something you may like to consider.

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