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My Perfect Thyroid Storm

It took me until I was a couple of years into my studies before I began to realize that my thyroid failing had been the result of a “perfect thyroid storm” of environmental and emotional factors.



A couple of years prior to my thyroid sitting up shop, I contracted Glandular Fever which I recovered from and then moved on assuming I was now well.  There is a theory however with the Epstein Barr virus that it has the ability to hide in your cells and stay dormant until re-activated.  It is also implicated in the development of Hypothyroidism.


I was living and working on Hamilton Island after my bout of Glandular Fever.  During this time I ate fish every single day as I worked in a fish shop.  Now, eating fish a few times a week is perfectly fine and healthy, but on an everyday basis, I was subjecting my thyroid to quite possibly an overdose of mercury which loves to attack the thyroid.


I swam in a chlorinated pool every day for fitness, which I loved, but now I understand that Chlorine is from the Halide family which blocks iodine.


I drank 10 cans of diet cola every day! Looking back and knowing what I know now I understand it is addictive so I try to be kind to myself that I did not know any better. But when you know better, you do better right?  Chemical sweeteners are known to be endocrine disruptors, and in this large amount, I was absolutely drowning my thyroid in chemicals. it didn’t stand a chance really. On top of this, the alarming information that is starting to come to light is those diet products actually contribute to weight gain in the long term! We, thyroid people, do not need this!!!


I moved across Australia to live with my then-boyfriend – this was the final nail in my thyroid coffin.  I left my beloved Island to move to Perth which was a huge emotional upheaval and this left me feeling like a fish out of water.  The new surroundings, new friends, new relationship, and new job proved to be a massive trauma, that made me feel I couldn’t speak up and say I may have made the wrong decision and within a few months the first symptoms of my perfect thyroid storm began to appear.


All of these things may not have caused an issue individually, but together and in such excess, my thyroid didn’t really stand a chance.  So why are you in your current state of health? Can you look back at the starting point of your health decline and recognize any contributing factors?

Knowing this information is really important for moving forward and doing better with your health. Knowledge is power as they say and this is the basics for knowing yourself.


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