Saka Healing in Bali

Last week I was lucky enough to get an appointment with a spiritual healer in Bali named Billy. He had been recommended by a friend but I did not know he would be booked solid, so after much pleading, I got in the day before we returned to Perth. So what did he do for me?

When I booked in I was asked to write down what issue I wanted to work on. As I am always doing I wrote “Thyroid”.



Firstly his lovely wife Lina brought me into a cubicle and knelt in front of me with her hands on my knees. She proceeded to tell me that my condition was Genetic but had been turned “on” by environment and could be healed (which I have always believed).

Firstly Lina said that I must start eating when I get stressed. This was interesting to me as I always feel that digestion will further stress the body in these times. But perhaps the stress is further heightened as the body feels it has no food and is in famine. For me not to eat in times of stress is normal, so it will be an interesting experiment to try in the future.

Lina then told me that Bread, Rice, and Coffee were toxic and poison to my body. This was a confirmation of her talents as coffee gives me panic attacks and even though rice is supposed to be fine as it has no gluten, it has never sat well with me. She continued to tell me that the only protein I could digest well was fish and eggs and that potatoes were fine for me. It made me think of my favorite meal at Sunsets in Rockingham Beach which is grilled fish on a bed of potato and greens which always makes me feel great, so again, she knew what she was talking about. Finally, there was no soft drink (wouldn’t anyway) and no fried foods (rarely anyway), and only warm water not cold.

Lina then asked me to lay down on the table and left the room.


A man proceeded to massage my back, but not in a usual way (and no not in a sexual way). My instinct and knowledge were telling me that he was clearing my chakras and unblocking my meridians to prepare for thyroid healing. This went on for about 1/2 hour I think – can’t be sure – I was in heaven at the time……


The apprentice healer then came in and sat up near my head and wrapped his hands around my throat (in a good way..) and the best way I can describe it is that it felt like he was telling my thyroid what to do. It was like he was communicating with it. He would press certain points along my collar bone which hurt like crazy and then stimulate certain points around my thyroid, neck, face, and head.  Even if it was not for healing, I would consider this the most relaxing treatment ever! Sooo nice! After quite some time he began speaking to someone in Balinese and then he left and in came The Master.


In came Billy who was only wearing a sarong and a very wise old smile. The kind of man you just want to hug for no reason. He sat where the apprentice had been and went to work, although, while he was holding the same points his approach was slightly different. I think I would describe his portion of the work as downloading energy into my thyroid. He had his head very close to mine, it felt like he was resting his chin on the bed beside my shoulder and was speaking directly to my thyroid. All of a sudden he had an almighty coughing fit and when he had recovered he told me that he had done a lot but needed a little more time and could I come back? Unfortunately, I told him I was flying out the next day and he was so booked up this was all I could get.


So for my next visit, I plan to stay in a hotel close to the clinic and prebook daily healing sessions from Billy and Lina before I leave Perth. Only time will tell if it has had an effect either way, but the relaxation it gave me was amazing. It also taught me to continue to trust my intuition about my own body, by avoiding the foods I know don’t sit right with me, even if everyone else and the science says they are fine for me. It tells me we all know our own bodies better than any practitioners and doctors.


Billy and Lina can be found at SAKA Energy in Legian, for those that have been to Bali it is directly opposite Garlic Lane. The healing was $70 AUD (at the time of writing) and it took around 1.5 hours. Probably best to leave your husband at the hotel as the timing is not limited, Billy just keeps going till it’s done, although the upside was my husband experienced his first-ever pedicure while waiting (which he is still not sure about!). They also do massages, pedicures, and all the usual treatments.


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