The Body's Elimination Channels

Elimination is a vital process in our bodies that allow us to remove toxic waste and residue.  If one or more of our elimination channels become blocked, overloaded, removed, or damaged due to disease or trauma, toxins build up in the body, which alters the balance of health and allows disease to invade.  In this case, it is vital that the remaining elimination channels are working optimally to make take the load off the ones that are not. By taking the workload off a damaged or diseased organ, in some cases, you may be able to give this organ a chance to heal itself or at the very least avoid complications and a progression of ill-health.


We have six main elimination channels in our body; the skin, lungs, bowel, kidneys, and liver. Apart from these channels we also have our lymphatic system which is where all our toxic junk gets stashed.  Our lymphatic system however does not have a pump, but instead a lot of one-way valves which when prompted by exercise opens up and dumps the lymphatic fluid into our bloodstream where it can be filtered and removed.  Without exercise or movement, the lymphatic fluid stagnates, and due to its toxic, acidic nature, can become a great breeding ground for any cancer cells that are traveling around the body looking for a place to nest.


  1. Skin – Skin Brushing, sweating, organic body products
  2. Lungs – Deep breathing, exercise, meditation
  3. Bowel – Colonics, enemas, psyllium, bentonite clay
  4. Kidneys – Hippocrates soup, steady water intake, Kidney tea, Herbs
  5. Liver – Silymarin, Lemon Water first thing in the morning, Coffee Enemas
  6. Lymphatics – Rebounding, exercise, Skin brushing, massage

The key is making sure each of your different channels are getting some kind of attention regularly. If you have one elimination channel that is not functioning, for example, you have kidney disease, then you will need to make sure all the other channels are working really well, to take the pressure off your kidneys. If you have Hepatitis or a fatty liver then you should be ensuring all your other channels are amazing whilst at the same time supporting your liver to heal.

The more chemicals and toxins we remove from our bodies, the less damage is possible to our thyroid. It also allows us to see which of our symptoms are actually from our thyroid or perhaps are a side-effect of the toxins in our body.


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