The cause of Chronic Disease

Chronic Disease is epidemic in our world today. If you are reading this, I am going to go ahead and assume you have thyroid disease! It has become my understanding over the last few years that the cause of most chronic long-term diseases comes down to two things. We don’t have enough good stuff and we are full of bad stuff. Deficient and Toxic.


Good stuff a.k.a nutrients are severely lacking in our soils which make the food we grow in them deficient in all of the vitamins and minerals that our ancestors got. We are also really time-poor and rely on fast, processed foods to make life easier. These foods, while useful in our modern-day society supply little nutrition that our bodies understand what to do with, which is why you become hungry an hour after takeaway food – your cells don’t think they have been fed yet! And really…. they haven’t!!

We then have to address the issue that an estimated 50% of the population are suffering from leaky gut and dysbiosis, which further hampers any efforts of our body to extract nutrition and make it available to our cells. And these are just a few of the problems we are dealing with on an everyday basis to get the nutrients our bodies need to fight any disease that has a go at setting up a house. It generally doesn’t take a miracle to heal, the body just needs all the right vitamins, minerals, amino acids, macronutrients, and micronutrients and then all of our pathways run perfectly and disease is of no concern.


I have mentioned in an earlier post about living like your Grandmother did, that we are exposed to more chemicals and toxins in a single day than they were in their entire lives. Our water is full of chlorine and fluoride, we cover ourselves from head to toe in body products and make-up that is made from petrochemicals and other unfortunate ingredients, then we go outside to head to work where we breathe in car fumes full of heavy metals like cadmium. We unwrap a breakfast item to eat on the way which often has more numbers in the ingredients label than actual food items and then we grab a coffee or three before lunch. Coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed plants on the planet, and I am pretty much betting you don’t buy organic coffee. Lunch is next and even if it is full of vegetables and other such good things, chances are it too has been heavily sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and then perhaps rolled in wax to make it look lovely shiny, and fresh.  See how easy it has become to be full of toxins? This toxic burden is clogging up our bodies and stopping them from being able to fight disease.

It is no surprise that diets concerned with liver cleansing and gut health are so popular and generally have a good effect on those that follow them. Our poor elimination channels are struggling to keep up with the way we live and to top it off they are not getting the nutrients they need to function at the optimum level they need to for this excessive amount of toxic burden.

So how do we turn back time?
  • Drink fresh organic vegetable juices many times a day to drench our cells in nutrients
  • Eat organic foods that are without the chemical burden
  • Eating a nutrient-dense diet. Lots of whole foods.
  • Be mindful of our body products and the ingredients they contain
  • Be mindful of what cleaning products we are using.
  • Help our elimination channels to improve so we can remove the toxins we already have stored.
  • Remove as many processed foods from our diet – stop eating out of boxes.

The list is endless really. It is not hard nor rocket science to understand that if we gave our bodies a fighting chance then they wouldn’t give out on us so easily. The question is – what can you remove from your life to make it less toxic? And what can you do this very day to give a little more good quality nutrients to your hungry cells?


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