The Coffee Enema

The word’s Coffee Enemas alone either meet with interest or repulsion, don’t they? Not sure which camp you are in, but I hope you are willing to read on further to hear my experience on the subject.

For those of you who do not know what an Enema is, it is the age-old act of inserting (delicately) a tube up your rectum which is attached to a bag or bucket (sterile) of liquid, either water, chamomile tea, or coffee are common choices and letting the liquid enter your large intestines. This liquid is then held for a short amount of time and then released into the toilet.

Enemas are extremely helpful for constipation, detox, or as we will discuss here liver health.

Many years ago whilst I was a Naturopathic Student, I learned about coffee enemas for the first time. As a student, all things “poo” was discussed on a weekly basis and the fascination with our client’s toilet habits was always the topic of conversation!



After hearing about the benefits of the coffee enema on the liver I began to look a little further into the idea. You see not long prior to this my doctor had announced to me that I now had a fatty liver, purely because I had been overweight for so long, and my ALT levels, which is the test to say you are heading down the danger zone of liver damage was now alarmingly in the danger zone. As this was a new symptom for me it was scary and reminds me just how comfortable I had become with my existing thyroid disease. Funnily enough thyroid disease puts me at a much greater risk of complications such as stroke and heart disease than a mildly fatty liver. It was a great leveler, to make me re-think my commitment to healing. So, back to the coffee enema and its benefits.


Glutathione is a major antioxidant in the body, standing guard over every single cell. When we are sick we want lots of these guys in our corner. In fact, healing of chronic illness is just a pipe dream if we don’t have enough Glutathione. We make it ourselves from 3 non-essential Amino Acids – Cysteine, Glycine, and Glutamine. These amino acids attach to a sulfur group that has the ability to stick to toxins, free radicals, and toxic metals in our body for removal.
The palmitic acid in coffee has the amazing ability to enter the liver and stimulating the production of glutathione s transferase and then when you sit on the toilet to release the garbage, all those toxins stuck to the sulfur come out.


When we start a weight loss program or detox protocol, one of the first things that happen is the dreaded detox. Headaches, stomach pains, muscle aches and pains, fuzzy brain and the list goes on. In short, we feel TERRIBLE! This is because our fat cells are releasing toxins into our bloodstream and our poor liver has to cope with the sudden onslaught.  If the liver is already compromised and full of toxins (think of a kitchen sponge full of water) then the toxins are just going to recirculate into the bloodstream bringing with it the awful symptoms that make us stop whatever we are doing to feel normal again. The coffee enema can take the load off your liver and remove some of those toxins before they recirculate.


Coffee Enemas were used in WWII for pain relief. The nurses (who were using normal enemas) ran out of sterilized water, so the only thing they had that was sterile was the hot coffee to keep the surgeons awake. With nothing to lose, the coffee was added to the enema bags and the soldiers reported relief almost instantly. It is interesting to note that coffee enemas were listed in the Merks Medical Dictionary up until the 1980s.



Normal water enemas are for the colon – so think constipation, however when you put coffee in the bucket, then it becomes a detoxifier for your liver. Weird right? Every 3-4 minutes or so ALL of your blood travels through your liver whose job it is to pull out toxins, bacteria, hormones, etc where it then gets shuffled through the appropriate pathways to be turned into something useful or made “not dangerous” to the body. If your liver is struggling, or already “full” of those things then catching more is like trying to add more water to an already full sponge. The coffee has the amazing ability to go up to your liver “cleaning house” and then pulling it all back out when you evacuate. This takes the load off the liver, allowing it to heal and get rid of more toxins.


Along with a really clean diet with lots of fresh veggie juices, I began doing coffee enemas. It took me 2 months to work up the courage to do the first one, after which I laughed at myself for being so scared. Any of you mothers out there have dealt with far worse with your babies! I have done a lot of research on this subject in the last couple of years and I hear “Don’t do that, they are addictive” many times. On that note I would like to say, I don’t believe it is the coffee that is causing an addiction, certainly not for me anyway. It is the peace and quiet (let me tell you – everyone gives you an extremely wide birth for fear of seeing anything they don’t want to) and the utter selfishness of spending anything up to an hour doing something just for you. That is the part that I feel could be addictive and is why I  have coined the term “Me Time” when I refer to this at home.


A year after I started doing coffee enemas daily, I had another round of my yearly blood tests and my doctor was the first to say “How did you do that?” when it came to bringing down my liver enzymes. I was now well and truly in the normal zone – not “just in the normal zone” – well and truly!!  It was during this time that I also finally began losing weight and my thyroid medication began reducing. This is because up to roughly 70% of your thyroid hormone is converted from inactive to the active form in your liver. If your liver is struggling, it certainly isn’t going to be very effective when it comes to the duties it needs to perform for your thyroid, let alone all the other things it needs to do. So this may explain the ineffectiveness of every other diet I had tried over the years – they weren’t addressing my liver.

After many questions, and discussions and requests for “finer details on the matter” I finally put it all into a book format that you can purchase.  In it, you will find my full story plus everything I have learned along the way along with color pictures (fully clothed I promise!).  It includes what ingredients (no you can’t just throw in a bit of instant Nescafe), how to cook it, and how to clean everything.

Coffee enemas are not for everyone and you should absolutely discuss it with your health practitioner if it is something you feel you want to try. WARNING: There are some cases where you should absolutely NOT have these or even normal water enemas. So take responsibility for your own health and be informed before starting this. Having said that, enemas have been around for thousands of years so it is not a new “hippy” weirdo thing to do and you will find as early back as your grandparents it was a normal health therapy.

So if you are willing “to go there” for your health, head to the store for my book on coffee enemas. Good luck and would love to hear from you if you have had some amazing results like I have from doing this task every day.

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