The effects of Chemicals on the Thyroid


I attended a seminar recently where it was announced that we are subjected to over 500 chemicals a day on average. And more alarmingly – we choose to put them on, eat them, drink them or sniff them! They went on to say that our Grandparents (meaning those born in the first half of last century) were not subjected to that amount of chemicals in their entire lifetimes!!!  Is it any wonder we are getting sicker?  But we are living longer lives I hear you yelling at the computer!!  Yes we are – but to what end?  Are our lives happier, healthier and more fulfilling?


There is an increasing body of evidence towards the effect of chemicals on thyroid function. It appears that there are a lot of chemicals that not only slow down the thyroid but also contribute to autoimmune disease which then can cause hypothyroidism. At the very least it is believed that daily exposure to chemicals can turn on the genetic switch if you have a family history of thyroid disease. The thing is, now it seems almost impossible to avoid the onslaught of chemicals. You just have to breathe and you ingest some!

There is a slow but sure growing movement towards winding back that clock and living our lives more along the lines of our ancestors.  But does it make a difference?  I think the answer is evident when you look at the blue zones across the world.  These are areas across the world where the people who live in them have extraordinarily long and healthy lives.  Can you see where I am going with this?  Yes, they live just like their ancestors did.  Life has not changed for them.  So I think the take home message is “if your grandmother didn’t do it…”


Do you need to slog it out scrubbing the floors by hand?  You don’t have to…..although the exercise wouldn’t harm you!
Do you need to avoid all make up and face the world with a naked face? You don’t have to……although your skin would love you for it and everyone would adore seeing your beautiful face.

What this means is literally, where you can, if your grandparents didn’t use it, wear it, ingest it or worry about it – then you shouldn’t!  Still not spelling it out enough??  Ok, here are some basic ideas:


Only use glass, stainless steel or pottery for cooking and storing.
Don’t use the microwave; reheat all food on the stove or in the oven.
Wrap your lunches in paper not plastic wrap or even better put them in a glass container.
Make everything from scratch.  Fancy a piece of cake?  Have a baking day like nanna did.
Take a thermos or travel mug of coffee with you instead of buying one in plastic cups.


Use as few products as possible and organic where you can.
Soak in epsom salts and essential oils in the bath instead of bubble bath made of chemicals.
Learn how to clean your bathroom with vinegar and bi-carb.
Does your hair really need mousse, straightening solution and hairspray every day??


Yes I hear you! All I am suggesting is, that each and every day you find some little way to do what your grandmother did and use a few less chemicals.  Some little way to live a slower, more measured, healthful life.  We are not all going to be perfect all the time, and what is simple for me is not for someone else.  Becoming aware of making these changes and looking around you at how many chemicals and toxins you willingly put on and in your body could be the only step you make for now.  Knowledge is power, and you can’t unlearn stuff.


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