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The only way to conquer the ups and downs that are thyroid weight loss and thyroid health is with a great thyroid mindset. How you think, the words you use, and your approach to your health have a massive impact on the outcome. I’ve learned this first hand. It was not until I started implementing the thyroid mindset that I started to see results.


Are you guilty of always saying “I can’t lose weight because of my thyroid?” But I can’t!!!! I hear you! Just because it is true, doesn’t mean you should say it. You see our bodies believe what we say, simple, but true! If we constantly are saying that one little line, our bodies say, “Oh? Ok! we can’t lose weight”.
This has to be changed, and in the beginning, it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it, you just have to start saying something more positive like “I’m finally figuring out what my thyroid needs to help me lose weight”

How many good things do we actually say to our little Thyroid?


For many years I identified myself as “Poor Kylie who can’t lose weight because of my thyroid” It was my excuse, it was what ruled my world, it was my identity. After about 15 years with this disease, I just assumed that this was who I was now. Which, don’t get me wrong was not terrible. I had a husband who loved me, a healthy gorgeous son, a job I enjoyed, great friends, and a good life.

The turning point for me realizing this, was long before I went back to school to study my health. I was staring at my bookcase and noticed I had a million books on Thyroid disease, and suddenly thought, what if I just pretend like I didn’t have it? Good sense prevailed and I kept taking my medication, but I donated all my books to a women’s center and started to go about my day without the burden of this thought process. And all was good for a while until I started working in my dream job.

I was working as a cake decorator when it all came undone. Tendonitis hit me so badly on my left shoulder and arm that I thought I was having a heart attack. I could not ignore my thyroid any longer (Thyroid disease is an inflammatory disease, which is where the tendonitis came from).

That was the turning point. It was time to be identified by my thyroid again, but this time, it would be in a positive light. I only spoke about my wins and anything I learned that would be helpful to others.


So do you believe you can lose weight? Do you believe you can reverse your symptoms? For those of you who still have a thyroid, do you believe you can restore it? I do! With my whole heart and soul, even though I have sat in through an ultrasound and had the person doing it tell me my thyroid is “barely there” anymore. I still believe I can change it.

Will it happen overnight? Nope! Will I have ups and downs? For sure! But that won’t stop me from believing I am on the right path and succeeding.

I have had many people in front of me in my office that have “matter of factly” told me that they are on “such and such” forever! My belief is, and some of you have heard me say this many times if it hasn’t been removed or damaged through trauma, then why can’t it be restored?


Firstly it is about education. It is no accident I called my company Thyroid School! The only reason I have changed my own thyroid mindset is that I have educated myself ABOUT myself! You don’t need to enroll in a University Degree as I did – I realize that is extreme by most people’s standards, but just pick up some books and start learning.

The next way is through personal development. If you are into the woo woo type books, awesome, if not there are still some really fantastic self-improvement books out there, so just find one that floats your boat. Look for podcasts, youtube videos, whatever works for you, and whatever piques your interest. I have just finished reading “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks, which talks about how to recognize and work in your Zone of Genius, and it absolutely blew me away, up-leveling my mindset big time.

Another favorite of mine is “The Desire Map” by Danielle La Porte. If you have never heard of this amazing woman you are in for a treat! Danielle teaches about finding your core desires in life and chasing them, as opposed to chasing a career or a thing. It changed my world the day I decided to go after FREEDOM instead of a successful Naturopathy business and let’s face it, doesn’t FREEDOM sound sexier than a successful business??


Science has proven time and again, that genetics is the gun, but lifestyle is the trigger. You don’t have to believe this if you don’t want to. You can stay in your belief that this is who you are now and you are just fine with that, but that’s not for me I’m afraid.

As soon as I ignored my issue, the symptoms it produced grew. My body had been talking to me for years and when I told it to be quiet, it did for a little bit, but then it decided to yell at me (tendonitis). I’m sure if I had said be quiet again then the next communication would have been much worse.

The first step to good health has to be your thyroid mindset. Have you checked yours lately??


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