What's your Big Hairy Dream?

You know you have one….. the big hairy dream that you secretly daydream about, that fills you with joy and fills even the worst day or dreary day with a little bit of hope. So how do you make that dream reality? It’s not as hard as you would think, you just need to reverse your thinking….

Before we start this, I just want to clarify that this is completely about you. This is not about wishing a loved one was more of this, or a friend was more of that, or if you could cure someone’s illness. You are not in control of these things. The only thing you can be in control of is you and being the best you is the greatest gift you can give to everyone around you. So this is your time to be a little selfish and think about what you would want for you if you were living your dreams.


Well, first you have to have one now, don’t you? And let’s face it, you are not human if you are not dreaming about something you don’t already possess. It’s just the way we are. I ask you now to think about exactly what it is you want for your life but this time instead of fantasizing you are going to write it down. It doesn’t matter how unrealistic you think it is, or if you are too old now for a new career, or there is not enough money blah blah blah! Strip that aside and just state in black and white what the dream is. For example, you are a stay at home Mum but really want to be a world-famous wedding photographer. Your dream is to have famous people fly you to their destination weddings all expenses paid plus a hefty fee for your much sort after services. Pretty great dream don’t you think?


Most people work forwards to the goals, but I like to go backward. It makes it much easier to see the steps you need to take to put your plan into action. As a world-famous photographer, what does your life look like? What qualifications do you have? What is your specialty? What magazines have you been featured in? What camera do you use? What clothes do you wear while you are working? What luggage do you carry when you travel? Who takes care of the home front while you are away? How old are your kids?


Your qualifications may be a Degree in Photography, to get the Degree you need to go to TAFE or Community College. You can’t go to school full time yet because your children are young but you may find some online courses that will get you where you need to go.

The way you present yourself to celebrities will be different. Do you wear designer brands? Can’t afford them yet, ok, but what is your style then, who’s clothes will you be wearing? Do they suit traveling in and getting into whatever positions photographers get into? Do you wear Jimmy Choo’s, do you need to learn to walk in them?

What magazines will you be featured in? Who do they feature now? What qualifications do those photographers have? Do they have biographies you can read?


You know your steps and you know how many years you have to implement them. So this year your list of to-do’s may be doing an online photography class, learn to walk in $20 high heels, and buy a subscription to one of the wedding magazines you will feature in one day.

And add one thing towards your goal
every day,
every week,
every month…

There are a million things you could do towards achieving this particular dream even if you have little money to spare some months. How do different fabrics look under different lights or lenses? What special effects can you achieve with different laces? How do photo’s of people look with overlays of lace? Start a portfolio and keep track of your experiments. Buy a second hand Louis Vuitton travel bag to remind you every time you pick it up what you are working towards. Volunteer your services to any friends or family getting married.


To help all the women in the world organize and take control of your thyroid disease and change your Thyroid Story.  I want to travel to all corners of the globe and talk to each and every one of you about your big hairy dreams, write books that give you solutions and educate you in a way that is empowering and uplifting. That’s it! I want to pick you up when you fall, point you in a new direction when you are lost, and cheer you on when you have a win.

I read somewhere that the only difference between a dream and a goal is writing it down (sorry I cannot remember where), so don’t be scared to actually verbalize your fantasy – what’s the worst that could happen??

Be brave, be audacious, be fearless…..
you are soooooo worth it!!
I ask you again. What is your Big Hairy Dream?


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