Kylie's Latest Book is
The Thyroid Encyclopedia!

This was a massive labor of love this book! I'm not sure I would have even finished it if my publisher hadn't of given me a deadline. But it's everything I wanted and more... in fact I have started Volume 2 because there is always more to learn right? I hope you enjoy it! 

Love & Hugs
Kylie x

Thyroid Encyclopedia

A little bit of everything about Thyroid Disease.

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Thyroid Habits

Simple everyday solutions to make living in the thyroid world easier.

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Thyroid Jar Food

An everyday solution for Thyroid Disease.

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Thyroid Me Time

The art and science of the coffee enema's affect on Thyroid Disease.

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Letting Go

A book of words and affirmations to help let go of many different things.

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Thyroid Diary

Tracking your symptoms to piece together your thyroid puzzle.

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