First of all... IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!

Let' get really clear about that... Living Life with Thyroid Problems is tricky. All of those times the doctor told you to simply eat better, exercise more, and your blood tests are normal so you should be fine? The problem was not with you! It was with what they weren't teaching you... And honestly that's not their fault either. They can't possibly teach you all you need to know in a short appointment once or twice a year right?

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are just a handful of the questions and confusions I hear on a daily basis.

This is the million-dollar question, right?

It is also a question I asked myself many many many times in the first few years.

But here's the thing...

The problem lies in that our blood tests tell us what thyroid hormone is in our BLOOD... not what is in our CELLS.

it is not until the hormone gets into our cells that we actually feel good.

Did I just blow your mind?

While this may be true for some (particularly if your thyroid has been removed) many others have reversed the need for medication by addressing their diet and lifestyle.

What they have likely done without realising it, is improved their thyroid pathway.

I myself, have gone from needing 250mcg of thyroxine for the first 20 years of my journey to now only 75mcg as I pass my 30th year with Hashimoto's. 

So it is possible to reduce if not reverse medication needs.


It doesn't matter if our thyroid makes our hormone or we take our hormone via a pill, it still needs to go through the Thyroid Pathway and arrive in our cells for us to feel well.

So if you have had your thyroid removed and think you are going to feel the way you do for the rest of your life, think again...

It doesn't have to be that way as long as you clean up your Thyroid Pathway.

When your antibodies are high it is a sign your immune system is under attack. 

The most common cause of this is food particles escaping through a leaky gut into our bloodstream where it doesn't belong.

The body then goes on attack to address these particles and if it is something like gluten, diary or cross reactive gluten foods then our thyroid cells that look remarkably like these food particles are taken out as collateral damage.

And oftentimes, these are foods we eat every day. So the first step in reducing antibodies is removing these items along with repairing the leaky gut.

If you scroll up a little way you will find the link to the "Lowering Thyroid Antibodies" class that is from the Thyroid Life Academy Membership Portal... I hope it helps x

There is so much evidence now surrounding emotions and disease. You just have to look at cancer victims who have spontaneously healed themselves through laughter therapy to know that this aspect of illness can't be ignored forever.

Some of the physical reasons for the emotions include:

  • Insulin resistance, which is common in thyroid people causes a blood sugar imbalance. This can cause emotional ups and downs and a lot of crying.
  • Fatigue, from not having stable energy levels can cause overwhelm, frustration and irritability.
  • Low B Vitamins and zinc, which are common in thyroid people, can cause mental health type symptoms.

Some of the emotional reasons that may contribute to thyroid disease include:

  • Not speaking up for yourself can shut down the throat chakra (voice) causing an issue with the thyroid.
  • A major shock or trauma, stored in the body, can cause adrenal fatigue which if left unchecked will impact thyroid health.
  • Feeling disconnected from your life's purpose and instead trying to constantly please others drains thyroid energy

I am consistently working on bringing in emotional healing to everything I do with both my own thyroid healing and Thyroid School. I have believed for a long time that addressing emotions was the missing link to feeling well with thyroid disease. That is why in Thyroid Life Academy I discuss emotions frequently and why I gained qualifications in Emotional Body Release for my 1:1 clients.

Thyroid Road Map

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The Top 10 Nutrients the Thyroid Pathway Needs

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