Hi I'm Kylie!

So you think you want to know about me right? Actually, you don't! What you want to know is how me being me can make you the very best YOU that you can be. How the little things about me will help you to live the life of your dreams even though you have Thyroid Disease!

This is the reason the About page is the second most clicked on page after the Home page... it's the place we scope out our connection with each other. It's where our soul speaks up and says "yep, she's the one" or "nope, move on goddess".

SO let's get this speed date started shall we? I'm super excited to see if we can make sparks fly! Scroll down and you will find out how me being me, can help you to Change Your Story and Change the World...


I don’t speak like a “Health Coach” or a “Naturopath” or  "a Life Coach" or "a Professor" or somebody who wants to put your life, health, heart & business together with dots and dashes. I listen to what your heart wants, and then I translate those dots and dashes into a picture with the images you haven't seen yet. We won’t ever talk about science or microbiology or pathophysiology. Ever. I promise.


I have published 6 books so far and have written a million others in my head & heart.  I love that words can conjure up the best and the worst of emotions which is why words must always be chosen with great care and love. And Stories... we can write the most magical story about our life the world has ever seen. You just have to believe you are worth falling in love with a powerful new story.


Yep, like the Disney Princess kind only not plastic... and they are oh so pretty! And every single time a crown or tiara goes on my pretty head, I feeeel like a GODDESS! I feel like someone who can woo the world and make it feel like jelly when it looks at me... don't you want to feel like that too? Don't you want the world to go weak at the knees when you speak about your purpose in life and how it can inspire them?


Discovering new destinations for me is like watching a new purpose unfold or a mission start to make sense because previously unseen missing dots were connected. I love finding the unexpected, pushing myself in a way I am not sure I can (climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge with dodgy knees springs to mind), and feeling the exhilaration of achieving something unexpected.


Hubby and I are never usually far from an ocean… we love it, it is our recharger. As electrical beings we are made up of energy and walking along the ocean edge where it’s all foamy and frothy gives our bodies and thyroid the biggest hit of negative ions we could ask for. This is grounding for our mind, body & soul. So you could say that I walk along the ocean for you. Wink Wink.


I will Dream with you. I will get excited with you. I will laugh with you. I will watch Netflix with you and I will throw endless ideas around with you while we play in the space of ALL the possibilities that your life, your health and your purpose could be.


Show me your purpose or your dream and I will show you a Big Picture glimpse of what that looks like in reality, and how to get there. Sometimes you are just missing the ability to see the connection between where you are now and where you want to be.


And so do you. I drink green juice with pizza…. no, really! I'm literally in love with it. There have been many times in my life where I have seen what dedicating too much of your efforts in one place can do. Healthy or otherwise it doesn’t matter. Did you know that in nutrition and health, too much and not enough of anything looks the same? By that I mean, low iron levels and high iron levels have very similar symptoms.  I love this because it is a reminder that we all need balance in work, play, food, ambition and dreams. I will always seek out balance when creating with you. Balance for YOU. I will spot really quickly if you are getting out of balance and will pull you up, because if I’m working with you it’s because I think you have something special to offer the world, and I will protect that vision for you by making sure you stay in balance.


I set up my first imaginary business at around 12 on the rocky shores of a tiny, leech laden creekbed in south-east Queensland Australia. I was building a Grand Hotel and I had my cousins weaving placemats out of dead palm fronds for the dining room. In my dreamy head it was happening! I now know looking back I have had soooo many different businesses so that I could easily see the vision for others. I smile in my heart when I think about how the universe was training me!


If I believe in something, you can bet your last dollar I will see it through no matter how many hurdles, no matter how much time, no matter how many others say NO. I may stop talking about it if I'm getting too much grief over it from others, but behind the scenes or under the water you can bet my feet are still paddling to make it happen the way that I can see it. It doesn't matter if that's a vision for me or for YOU. I'll go the distance. I will never give up on me, so I will never give up on YOU!


I meet so many people who suffer from chronic disease like I do and are at a loss for what their vision or purpose in life is meant to be. What if your trials, your pain, and your wins are meant to be your purpose? What if the kinds of things you deal with in your every day, were "gifted" to you by the universe because it knew you had a unique solution for it that needed to be shared with others?? 
This right here is my wish for you. This is what lights me up! Helping you to realise that you can turn your illness into your income, your pain into your passion! It is why my website has morphed from just being "Thyroid School" to helping Thyroid Goddesses to navigate ALL the struggles of this disease and turn it into something the world needs. 

So let's go beauty... I'm going to ask you to...

Lean In
Be Spectacular
Share Your Story

It is the reason I was put on this planet, so I hope you will let me help you see yours.

Love & Hugs Always
Kylie x

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